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About MedTech Wristbands

MedTech Wristbands

Established in 1993
MedTech Wristbands is the world leader in the manufacturing & marketing of integrated event solutions that support security, anti-counterfeit, medical, recreational, and special event wristbands. We manufacture a wide assortment of wrist identification and access control solutions designed for the leisure and entertainment markets. MedTech products can be found in more than 125 countries world-wide and are available in a variety of materials, customizable patterns, and highly visible colors that support emerging technologies like RFID, GPS, QR codes, and full color variable data. Designed for virtually any situation & environment, MedTech Wristbands can be used for single & multi-day purposes including glow under black light solutions for night time related events, wet or dry environments, and the rugged outdoors.

- World’s largest wristband inventory No backorders!
- Unbeatable flat pricing
- Custom orders available within 48 hours
- No minimum orders Choose from a package of 10 to 100 units per box
- International shipping to 110 countries
- Generous credit/financing terms available for committed dealers and resellers

Personalized service & marketing expertise

We offer personalized service, with outstanding sales representatives dedicated to your account and 24-hour online customer service. Our multimedia and marketing staff is also available to support your marketing efforts, and respond quickly to your feedback.

Who uses MedTech Wristbands?

MedTech customers include:
- Fortune 500 companies
- Schools
- Non-profit fundraisers
- Event organizers
- Concert venues
- Nightclubs & bars
- Advertising agencies

Whether you are a distributor, reseller, individual customer, or retail outlet, MedTech’s manufacturing experience will provide you with unique products and services to support your one-to-one or B2B marketing, identification, security control, or drinking age verification needs.

Call today 1.866.815.7550 to receive a free catalog or CD ROM to learn more about our full range of products, services, and packages!

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