This little statement: “Branding goes way beyond your logo.”  Packs a real punch. I’ll tell you why. Often times when talking about branding a company or a product we get so wrapped up in what our logo should look like, font choices, colors, layouts, positioning, etc. we forget the major factor to our companies brand. The customer experience.

Brand defines all aspects of our company, from the way we answer customer questions, website design, social media presence, and the experience staff can give customers, to make a long story short, Your brand is the way a customer perceives you. If they don’t like the majority of your attributes then your logo won’t even matter.

Sadly many venues neglect branding opportunities that could lead to amazing results. One of these opportunities for missed branding is often on the wristbands your patrons wear while visiting your venue.

Here are 7 reasons why your missing out if you don’t brand your wristbands.

  1. Branding Promotes Recognition
    People are creatures of habit. They will continue to go to the places that they are familiar with, especially if they had a great time there. If your branding is consistent and easy to recognize it will entice people to keep coming back.
  2. Branding Sets You Apart From The Competition
    With millions of companies out there offering services similar to yours it is critical to make sure that you stand out from the competition! This is the code we live by at MedTech Wristbands. If we’re going to manufacture and deliver wristbands, we’re going to be the best! By offering your patrons full color customized wristbands featuring your specific design not available to anyone else you are sure to get people talking.

  3. A Strong Brand Generates Referrals
    In today’s world of social media, blogging and selfies it’s not hard to believe that your biggest marketing team is actually your customers. People love telling others about the brands they like. Chances are if you created enough excitement and got people talking the good news will spread quickly and you’ll start seeing the referrals rush in! We have seen this first hand with our Genesis Biodegradable wristbands. It all starts with just one customer.
  4. A Great Brand Helps Customers To Know What To Expect
    By creating solid branding you are able to help your customers to know what they can expect from you. We have a customer who changes their wristbands for special events. They order a higher grade wristbands with full color imaging and showcase DJ names and sponsors. Customers now know that when there is a special event happening at the club they are going to get an amazing souvenir wristband.   
  5. Branding Helps Provide Motivation and Direction for Staff
    Branding on your wristbands help your staff to know who belongs there and who doesn’t. Better tracking of patrons at your venue ensures better security is offered to those within your venue, and better security means a better customer experience. Those who felt safe at your venue are more likely to return. One of our customer’s brands her staff with Lenticular Lanyard Passes which are impossible to counterfeit and help to easily identify staff.
  6. Brand Helps You to Connect With Your Customer
    When your customers are happy at your venue you know that the experience they share with their friends will be a good one. Strong branding on your patrons wristbands is the simplest way to achieve this. By offering bounce back offers ($2.00 off next cover charge) or by offering a free drink, you help your patrons to see you appreciate that they are choosing your venue over someone else’s. Our Scratch N' Win wristband helps get your patrons involved and keeps them excited about your event!
  7.  Brand Helps Build Your Business Value 
    The more you offer your patrons and build stronger guest experiences the more your brand will be trusted. Good branding can often generate additional revenue. Companies that have gotten branding just right are those that have taken the time to understand their customers’ needs and wants. 

If you would like to learn more about how MedTech Wristbands can assist you in branding on your wristbands we would love to help. Feel free to Contact Us for tips, tricks, trends and advice!