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MedTech’s wristbands are fully customizable allowing you to create wristbands that are sure to WOW your customer.

Add features like QR codes and barcoding, under sided printing and with options to print in full colour you can make sure that your logo, text and graphics stand out!

Market, manage, and protect with Variable Data Printing

Take your wrist identification to another level with Variable Data Printing (VDP) also known as Variable Information Printing (VIP). VDP gives you the opportunity to not only create the ultimate customized wristband, it allows you to market directly to your customer, push SMS messaging, emails, interactive consumer websites and online ads easily and effectively. The returns for variable printing are often 10-15 times higher than the returns seen on basic level printing.

Event organizers, and venues are able to better manage their customer relationships while using VDP as they are able to collect more accurate information on their customers. Customers are also more likely to give data as they are genuinely interested in the product/service, creating larger databases for advertisement opportunities in the future.

Use VDP for added security at your events/venues, and prevent transfer by adding sequentially numbering to each barcode or placing your guests name directly on their wristbands. Elements like text, graphics and images can all be changed from one band to the next, this allows you to create a guest experience like no other.

The benefits of using VDP for your events/venues are really endless.

Take your wristband beyond crowd control and guest identification with a Custom Wristband!

Custom Wristbands become wearable promotional tools that deliver personalized marketing messages about your business, events, and promotions, to a mass, targeted audience.
MedTech offers a wide variety of custom wristband options – Custom Tyvek Wristbands, Custom Plastic Snap Wristbands, Custom Vinyl Snap Wristbands – to suit any need.

Complimentary design services

We offer free professional design services. Our designers would be happy to help you choose and design a wristband that is perfect for your event.
Our customization services are virtually limitless, and custom printing costs only a few extra cents per wristband.

Types of Custom Printing for Wristbands

  Black ink prints
  Spot color printing 
  Full color printing
  UV printing 
  Variable data printing (serial numbers)
  Foil printing
  3D Lenticular printing
  Screen printing

Other Custom Printing Options for Wristbands

  Logo, graphics and text at 300 dpi
  Event name(s) and dates
  QR codes (monotone or multi-colored)
  PIN codes or barcodes
  Contest and discount codes
  Scratch and Win promotions

Advertising space for sponsors or promotions

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