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As an event manager, combining secure and efficient access to your event with a smooth and streamlined flow of people is an ongoing challenge. You don’t want long queues of frustrated event-goers, but you also know that gate-crashers pose a security risk – and eat into your profits.

MedTech Event Wrisbands make it easy for event staff to identify who should – and should not – be at your venue.
They are a wearable, secure, and durable way to streamline crowd control, eliminate fraud, increase brand exposure, and create new revenue opportunities.

MedTech wristbands offer:

  1. Durability • MedTech wristbands are stretch, sweat, and heat resistant, and can be custom-made from a variety of materials, depending on the nature and length of your event.
  2. Simple, effective security • MedTech wristbands are virtually tamper and transfer proof, providing at-a-glance identification.
  3. Easy access verification • With MedTech wristbands, your team can instantly verify special / VIP access, streamlining your operation and keeping patrons happy.
  4. Increased brand exposure • Choose from a wide selection of stock style and colour combinations, or create your own design for best brand exposure.
  5. Precision-targeted marketing for you and your sponsors • Drive sales, create repeat business, and gain substantial targeted exposure for you - and your event sponsors - by printing promotions on your MedTech wristband. Most event-goers keep their wristbands on until they get home, and often keep them as souvenirs – that’s repeated, prolonged exposure to your marketing messages.
  6. A wristband for every event and occasion • MedTech offers a wristband for every event and occasion. Click on the links below to learn more and to order. We would be happy to help you select and design a wristband that is perfect for your needs. Contact us to learn more.

MedTech event wristbands are incredibly versatile. Choose from hundreds of stock style and colour combinations, or create your own design for best brand exposure. Event sponsors can take advantage of the premium, super-targeted marketing space you can offer them on your wristbands.

MedTech wristbands are stretch-, sweat- and heat-resistant, and can be made from a variety of materials, depending on the nature and duration of your event. Please contact us to learn more.


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