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Custom Fabric Wristbands for Special Events

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  • Custom Printed Sublimation Fabric Wristbands

    Take your event or venue to the NEXT LEVEL with our Fabric wristbands. These bands are printed using a sublimation process which lets you customize using any PMS color! Our fabric wristbands are made with a silky feel and are printed on both FRONT and BACK sides for a seamless design. includes a one-time-use adjustable closure for event security, or, you can choose to have a re-usable closure for THE ULTIMATE KEEPSAKE! Call us to find out more about this amazing product and how to get yours ordered TODAY! Call toll-free at 1 (800) 361-1259.

    Wristband size: 1.5 cm X 30 cm (0.59" X 11.8") or 1.5 cm X 35 cm (0.59" X 13.7")

    Click Here to view PMS color chart 

    Super Fast Manufacturing Times: 
    25-1,000 wristbands: 3-4 Weeks
    1,001-10,000 wristbands: 4-5 weeks
    10,001-50,000 wristbands: 5-6 weeks
    50,000+ wristbands: 6-8 weeks

    Minimum order of 100 Wristbands per set-up/color.

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  • Custom Printed Woven Fabric Wristbands

    Custom Woven Fabric Wristbands are highly secure extremely comfortable, super durable and perfect for festivals, concerts, sporting events, backstage/VIP passes, and make for great souvenirs or collectibles! Our Cloth Wristbands are not just another plain ole wristband, these wristbands have become the must have wristband for any special event. They can be printed in any PMS (solid) color. Wristband size: 1.5 cm X 30 cm (0.59" X 11.8") or 1.5 cm X 35 cm (0.59" X 13.7")

    Click Here to view PMS color chart 

    Super Fast Manufacturing Times 
    25-1,000 wristbands  - 2-3 Weeks
    1,001-10,000 wristbands  - 3-4 weeks
    10,001-50,000 wristbands  - 4-6 weeks
    50,000+ wristbands  - 6-8 weeks

    minimum order of 500 Wristbands

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  • Fabric Wristbands with RFID Tag


    Open a world of possibilities with RFID technology! 
    RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) devices serve the same purpose as a barcode or a magnetic strip. It provides a unique identifier. Just as a barcode or magnetic strip it must be scanned to get the information. RFID bands are the perfect choice for festivals as they provide the ultimate solution for security, and data capture. By using RFID wristbands you can streamline your operational costs by automating data collection. RFID reduces human effort and error while eliminating wasteful resources such as overstaffing. One of the biggest benefits to RFID wristbands is the ability to implement cashless technology and reduce queuing times which overall creates a better guest experience, and who doesn’t want that?  

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    A minimum order of 1000 Wristbands is required.
    This specialty product cannot be rushed.
    1,000-10,000 wristbands: 3-4 weeks
    10,001-50,000 wristbands: 4-6 weeks
    50,000+ wristbands: 6-8 weeks 



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