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Vinyl Wristbands for Events

Why buy MedTech Vinyl Event Wristbands?

Vinyl wristbands are ideal for any type of indoor or outdoor event, because they're highly durable and water-resistant by nature. MedTech vinyl wristbands are crafted from stretch/tear-resistant tri-laminate material that's durable enough for repeated use but still lightweight and comfortable for extended wear.

  Non-transferrable with single-use snap closure
  Reusable snap closure available
  Full-color, custom printing
  5 styles & sizes
  Durable, flexible tri-laminate vinyl

Vinyl wristbands are helpful wherever easy visual identification is needed and fo crowd management & admissions, group identification, age verification, security clearance and more.
A custom vinyl wristband also provides the perfect space for targeted ads and marketing, as well as prize redemption, discount codes and other promotional messages.

Custom Branding potential

  Full-color graphics & text at 300 dpi
  QR codes (monotone or multi-colored)
  PIN or barcodes
  Prizes and discount codes
  Generous advertising space for sponsors or promotions

Our Customer's Favourite
Vinyl Event Wristbands

Yellow Tyvek Event Wrist band, customized with logo and code128 barcode
Ticket Stub Vinyl Wristbands
  Stock Tyvek 1 inch wristband patterns and designs for events
Stock Wide Face Vinyl Wristbands
  Large collection of stock Tyvek 3/4 inch wristband patterns and designs for events
Custom Vinyl Straight Wave Wristbands

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