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Inexpensive and High quality Wristband Identification for Child Safety

As parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters, Child safety is something we take very seriously so as the world evolves so does MedTech. There are countless ways wristbands can be used to help keep children safe and we have spent years making sure that we have you covered when choosing a band that will suit your needs.

For simple identification, we offer a wide selection of non-transferable, durable, waterproof wristbands in a variety of colors and patterns that can be marked with permanent marker to feature a parent’s contact information in the event that a child is separated. This is one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to offer child security. Many water parks choose to use a variety of different coloured bands to track children based on swimming strength, this helps monitor weaker swimmers and make sure they stay away from more populated, advanced areas.

Many family fun centers provide piece of mind for guardians by choosing our Tyvek detachable stub bands. These bands are durable, reasonably priced and one- size- fits-all so they are perfect for little wrists, they also feature a matching serial number on the wristband and the stub to easily match up parent and child.

For those looking for a long-term solution to child safety our KidSports GPS bands are the answer. These bands feature precise satellite tracking, removal alerts, SOS button, safety latch to deter removal, bread crumb tracking, geo-fencing, and a long lasting battery that can all be easily monitored from your phone. Not only do these wristbands provide high tech tracking, they are also cool! Kids love the ability to be able to customize their wristband with awesome charms. Designed specifically for kids these little bands are full of safety and style!

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