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Inexpensive and High quality Wristband Identification for Concerts

wristbands for concerts

Give concert goers something to cheer about, with a wearable ticket! Our concert bands are available with numbered ticket stubs for coat checks, merchandise redemption, or concession coupons. They also come in a variety of colours and styles including; holographic, patterns, Glow-under-black- light etc. 

Choose a level of security, control and convenience that’s right for you by adding age verification, UV printing, holographic counterfeit prevention or take your bands to new heights with RFID technology.

Create concert bands that fans will want to take home as souvenirs! Customize with band logos, sponsor promotions, advertisements, upcoming events etc. Or create your own custom combinations.

A concert wristband – a wearable ticket and a powerful marketing tool.

They’re a lot more interesting for your audiences than paper tickets, because you can customize them with band logos, sponsor promotions, advertisements and much more – all in rich, full colour. Adding sponsors or advertising to your concert wristbands could completely pay for the bands you book!

Concert wristbands are great for your margins, too, because they help keep the non-payers and frauds out for good with the latest security features – they’re non-transferable and nearly impossible to counterfeit.

If alcohol is served at your concerts, our drinking age verification bands are a fast, reliable way for your busy bartenders to ‘card’ patrons. Concert wristbands make it easy to promote future events to a laser-targeted audience – “Coming this June…”

All MedTech concert wristbands are 100% custom-brandable.


Creating Cool Custom Concert Wristbands

As you know, fans like to take these home – some wear them for days and preserve them proudly for years! Make the most of that long and repeated exposure by spawning awesome multimedia marketing campaigns for your venue right on your concert wristbands:

Total control and complete customization

- Full-color graphics, text & logos
- QR codes (monotone or multi-colored)
- PIN numbers or barcodes
- Prizes & discount codes
- Advertising space for sponsors or promotions

Choose the level of security, control and convenience you need

- Ticket/stub wristbands for coat/article checks
- UV security printing
- Holographic counterfeit prevention
- Drinking age verification
- Single-use snaps and other transfer-prevention features

MedTech concert wristbands are available with numbered ticket stubs and many other helpful features. Choose from a wide variety of stock colours and styles (including holographic, sparkle, and glow in the dark), or create your own custom combinations.


Popular Picks – Custom Concert Wristbands

Vinyl Wristbands
Durable, secure and waterproof; ideal for multi-day concert access. Single-use snap & lock closure to prevent transfer.

Soft Comfort Wristbands
Highly popular and extremely comfortable. Durable, secure, waterproof and 100% recyclable. Ideal for multi-day use; single-use snap closure prevents transfer.

Plastic Wristbands
Very durable, secure and waterproof. Recommended for 2-3 day use, one-time use snap and lock closure to prevent transfer. Customized Plastic Wide Face Wristbands (large imprint area) Full-color Adhesive Wristbands (colorful stock designs, solid colors available)

Tyvek® (Paper) Wristbands
100% Recyclable, economical and secure. Ideal for one-day concert use; features an aggressive peel and stick closure to prevent transfer.

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