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Wristbands for Amusement parks

Patrons wearing bright colored id wristbands while riding a roller coaster at an amusement park
Amusement Park Wristbands
provide a highly-visible identification and wearable ticket solution

  Easily identify paying patrons throughout your event venue
  Eliminate the worry of lost or wet paper tickets
  Quick to apply, reducing admission gate queue times

Common uses for Amusement Park Wristbands

Wristbands are an integral part of an amusement park’s daily operations, serving a variety of applications:
  General admission ticketing
  Access to VIP areas
  Equipment rentals
  Miscellaneous ID tags
  Fast lane access to rides and attractions
  Access to on-site concerts
  Bounce back promotions
  Food and beverage redemption
  Special group access (volunteers, security staff, school groups, etc)
  Sponsored advertisements

Use Wristbands to prevent illegal entry at your Amusement Park

  Use a wide assortment of solid colors and wristband patterns and mix it up daily or weekly
  Custom print your wristbands with your logo
  Use serial numbering, using our variable data printing service

Use Wristbands to control Event Security

  Drinking age verification
  Color-shifting Foil Stamps and UV Security Printing for counterfeit prevention
  Detachable ticket / stub wristbands with matching serial numbers for locker / equipment rentals
  Single-use snaps prevent transfer
  Custom numbering and detachable ticket stub

Create Customize Wristbands for your Amusement Park

Take advantage of MedTech’s customization service to personalize your wristbands with marketing and security detais, including:

Venue name, logo, text and graphics Black and/or full color print
Event marketing Promote upcoming event(s), time and dates
QR codes Promote website, social networks, event registration and contest links
PIN codes Guests enter their unique code to redeem a contest prize
Advertising Sell sponsor advertising space on your wristbands
Cashless payment A unique barcode linked to your POS system allows guests to purchase items throughout your venue without reaching for their wallet.

Our customers highly favored these wristbands for their amusement parks

Custom Printed Tyvek 3/4 inch wide ID Wristbands with logo and barcode for Amusement parks
Custom Tyvek 3/4 inch Solid Color Wristband
  Stock Yellow Tyvek 1 inch wide Wristband for amusement parks
Stock Tyvek 1 inch Solid Color Wristband
  Stock Red Tyvek Litter Free Wristband with tabless closure for amusement parks
Stock Tyvek Litter Free Wristband
  Stock Multi-colored Happy Face Tyvek 3/4 inch wide Wristband design for amusement parks
Stock Tyvek 3/4 inch Wristband Patterns

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