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Bar and Nightclub Wristbands

Why Use Wristbands for Bar and Nightclubs

Wristbands are rapidly becoming the preferred identification and admission solution for bars and nightclub venues worldwide.
Unlike hand stamps or paper tickets, wristbands are almost impossible to lose or transfer, are convenient, durable and resistant to heat and water making them perfect for proof of paid admission for re-entry to your establishment.

Common uses for Wristbands at Bars and Nightclubs

  General admission ticketing and crowd management 
  Coat and article check in with numbered detachable ticket stubs 
  VIP wristbands for VIP lounges and private seating areas 
  Drinking age verification wristbands quickly identify guests who are of legal drinking age 
  Bounce back promotions or discounts at the on-site gift shop 
  Beverage redemptions at bars for designated drivers 
  Special group access (birthday parties, bachelor and bachelorette parties, etc.) 
  Beverage sponsor advertisements

Popular Choices include MedTech’s Tyvek Wristbands and Plastic Wristbands

Tyvek inch solid color wristbands and Tyvek inch patterned wristbands are:

  Available in the largest selection of vibrant colors and pattern combinations

Tyvek Wristbands feature a very strong adhesive closure, making them secure. They cannot be removed or transferred without destroying the wristband.

Plastic Snap Wristbands offer:

Our most popular Plastic Wristbands are:

  Plastic Straight Wave Wristband
  Plastic Sparkle Wristband
  Plastic Holographic Wristband

Glow-in-the dark ink for added security

MedTech’s solid neon colors and neon colored patterns glow when placed under black light. Using a UV fluorescent scanner makes it easy to spot scammers trying to enter your establishment with a counterfeit wristband.

Drinking Age Verification Wristbands

MedTech’s Tyvek Drinking Age Verification Wristband or Tyvek Over 21 Wristband make it easy for bartenders to spot minors.

Tips on preventing illegal entry to your Bar and Nightclub

1. Use a mix of different wristband colors, stock patterns and custom messages to stop reuse and counterfeiting.
2. Use UV Security Ink for your custom print graphics. Invisible to the naked eye, it is revealed by UV florescent or black lighting and is the most effective and cost efficient security option.
3. Customize your wristbands with serial numbers, assigning specific ranges of numbers to different days or special events.

Customize Wristbands for Security and Marketing

Custom printed wristbands provide additional security benefits, but are also great as a marketing tool. Use them to drive your event and social media marketing campaigns and increase attendance and revenues:
  Include venue name, logo, text and graphics black and/or full color print
  Event marketing promote upcoming event(s), time and dates and venue locations
  QR codes promote website, social networks, event registration and contest links
  PIN codes guests enter their unique code to redeem a prize on your contest
  Advertising sell advertising space on your wristbands to sponsors and cover your cost of the wristbands

Our customers recommend these
wristbands for bars and nightclub

Custom Printed Tyvek 3/4 inch wide Nightclub Wristband with logo and barcode
Custom Tyvek 3/4 inch Solid Color Wristband
  Plain Yellow Tyvek 1 inch Paper Wristbands for Nightclub and Bars
Stock Tyvek 1 inch Solid Color Wristband
  Stock Red Tyvek Nightclub Wristband with Litter free tab
Stock Tyvek Litter Free Wristband
  Multicolored Stock Tyvek 3/4 inch Wristband designs for multiday events at bars and nightclubs
Stock Tyvek 3/4 inch Wristband Patterns

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