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College Wristbands

Wristbands for College Campuses

MedTech Custom Wristbands are the perfect solution for college campuses seeking an affordable and efficient way to manage security, crowd control, admission to special events, drinking age verification, and special access clearance to areas and events.

They also allow you to quickly identify volunteers, staff, students, visitors and guests.

Wristbands for Drinking Age Verification

Our Drink Responsibly and Drinking Age Verified Wristbands clearly identify all event goers who are of legal drinking age.

MedTech Campus Wristbands are:

  Available in a wide variety of colours and designs
  Numbered for tracking
  Difficult to counterfeit and tamper-proof
  Comfortable and stylish
  Completely customizable

Customize for Maximum Exposure

Customized wristbands worn by your students, faculty, and guests ensure your marketing messages and promotions reach a wide audience.

They provide a valuable and highly-targeted advertising space for your school sponsors – who may be willing to help subsidize the cost.

Custom Wristbands with creative designs and messages encourage people to wear their wristband as a style statement, and to keep them as a souvenir – providing prolonged and repeated exposure.

These features, and more, will make a memorable impression on your target audience:

  Full-color graphics, text and logos [at 300 dpi]
  QR codes (monotone or multi-colored)
  PIN numbers or barcodes
  Prizes and discount codes
  Advertising space for sponsors or promotions

Suggested uses for Custom Wristbands on Campus

  At-a-glance ID for students, faculty, security and guests
  Loss-resistant admissions tool for student events
  Non-transferable drinking age verification
  Group and Designated Area identification
  Reduce paper use and litter on campus with litter-free Tyvek® wristbands
  Use numbered wristbands for campus event draws and contests
  Detachable stub/ticket wristbands are ideal for a sponsored event concessions, games or raffles

There’s a lot more you can do with custom wristbands for college campuses – the only limit is your imagination. MedTech can help you design exactly what you need – let’s get started!

Our Customers’ Top Wristband Picks for Colleges

Yellow Tyvek 3/4 inch Wristband customized with logo and barcode for college hosted events
Custom Tyvek 3/4 inch
Solid Color
  Selection of stock Tyvek 3/4 inch wide wristband designs and patterns for college events and parties
Stock Tyvek 3/4 inch
  Red Plastic Sparkle Wristbands for special college events and ceremonies
Stock Plastic
  Purple Plastic Sparkle Wristband with a customized detachable stub printed with a message and QR code linking to the college website
Custom Plastic Detachable Stub Wristband

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