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Plastic Event Security Wristbands for crowd control

If you’ll be staging an event that spans several days, or if you simply prefer the most secure option, a plastic snap wristband is the way to go. 

MedTech Wristbands's plastic wristbands are made from a durable bi-laminate material which is strong, yet lightweight and comfortable. They’re stretch-resistant, water-resistant and even more durable than Tyvek® adhesive wristbands, with a pre-adjustable permanent snap closure able to accommodate nearly any wrist. This snap closure makes our plastic wristbands very difficult to tamper with or transfer because the only way they can be removed is through damage: cutting the band or breaking the snap, rendering the wristband impossible to reuse. 

Custom plastic wristband printing as well as off-the-shelf designs are available 24/7 for domestic or international delivery.

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