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Wristbands have become one of the hospitality industry’s most important tools. They are a convenient, economical, efficient, and discreet way to identify guests - even at night.

MedTech wristbands for hotels and resorts are available with a wide variety of security features to prevent transfer and counterfeiting. We offer single-use and reusable models to accommodate both your staff and your guests.

All MedTech wristbands are:

  Comfortable & lightweight
  Durable and water-resistant
  Non-transferable & virtually impossible to counterfeit
  Premium quality & competitively priced

Choose from hundreds of stock style and colour combinations, or design your own branded wristbands that your guests will be proud to wear, and may keep as a souvenir.

Improve the guest experience and increase revenues with a customized wristband

Most all-inclusive packages include a wristband for the guest. They are great for ID, but can do so much more:

  Scannable wristbands make it easy to charge room service, poolside drinks and offsite transportation to a guest room without having to carry cash or a credit card.
  Feature an activity or outlet on your resort wristband to increase awareness and sales.
  Wristbands with data-collection capabilities can track guest movements and purchases generating valuable marketing insight.
  QR Codes or Prize Codes printed on the inside of your wristbands encourage guests to write a review, or encourage repeat business.

Customized features may include:

  Full-color graphics, text & logos [at 300 dpi]
  QR codes (monotone or multi-colored)
  PIN numbers or barcodes
  Prizes & discount codes
  Advertising space for promotions

You may also custom design Hotel and Resort Wristbands with additional security features, including:

  Variable data collection capabilities
  UV security printing
  Holographic counterfeit prevention
  Alphanumeric numbering (patterned or sequential)
  Single-use snaps and other transfer-prevention features

Contact MedTech today to discover what else custom wristbands can do for your Hotel or Resort.

Most Popular Wristband Picks for Hotels and Resorts

Custom printed Plastic Straight Wave Wristband for a resort with logo and promotional QR code
Custom Plastic Straight Wave Wristband
  Customized Plastic Wide Face Wristband with a full color hotel advertisment
Custom Plastic Wide Face Wristband
  Custom Printed Vinyl Straight Wave Wristband with full color print for a resort
Custom Vinyl Straight Wave Wristband
  Customized Vinyl Wide Face Wristband with a yellow logo and barcode for cashless payments
Custom Vinyl Wide Face Wristband

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