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Racetrack Wristbands

Why Use Wristbands for Racetracks

MedTech Racetrack Wristbands are highly visible, durable, and virtually tamper-proof. Made from Tyvek, plastic and vinyl, they are also sweat and moisture resistant making them the ideal choice for multi-day events.

Control Access and Identify Visitors

Quickly identify which areas a visitor may access, from General Admission and VIP Areas to Pits and Hospitality Tents.

Simplify Drinking Age Verification

Patrons have their ID checked upon entry, and legal-age patrons are given a non-transferable wristband identifying them as being of drinking age - reducing delays at serving points.

Maximize Marketing / Sponsorship Opportunities with Custom Wristbands

MedTech wristbands can be printed in any colour or design. With space for logos and promotional text they are a highly effective marketing tool for you and your sponsors.

Use as a pre-paid food and beverage ticket

MedTech Wristbands can be customised to be multi-tab, and used as a pre-paid ticket for food and drink.

Track the number of patrons

Wristbands may also be printed with serial numbers, making it easy to keep track of how many visitors you have.

Made from tyvekplastic and vinyl, MedTech Racetrack wristbands are sweat and moisture resistant, making them extremely durable and ideal for use over several days if necessary.

Top Wristband Picks for Racetracks and Speedways

Stock Black Tyvek 3/4 inch wide Checkeboard Wristbands for racetrack admission
Stock Tyvek 3/4 inch Checkerboard Wristband
  Stock Blue Tyvek 3/4 inch wide Pit Pass wristband for special access at racetracks
Stock Tyvek 3/4 inch Pit Pass Wristband
  Red Tyvek 3/4 inch wide wristband with racetrack design
Stock Tyvek 3/4 inch Race Track Wristband
  Custom Tyvek 3/4 inch wristband with full color artwork and serial number for racetrack venues
Custom Tyvek 3/4 inch Solid Color Wristband

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