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Security Wristbands

Wristbands for
Security and ID

MedTech’s Security and ID Wristbands are an efficient and cost-effective way to prevent payment evasion and ticket fraud at your next event and are quickly becoming one of the most popular security solutions for a wide range of venues.

Our Security and ID Wristbands virtually pay for themselves

Our competitive pricing model ensures that your initial investment is lower than the revenue you’d lose if you didn’t prevent non-payers and eliminate counterfeiting with MedTech’s quality ID wristbands:

  Extremely difficult to counterfeit
  Virtually impossible to transfer
  Economically priced & available in wholesale quantities
  Available with a range of advanced security features
  100% customizable 
  Durable and comfortable to wear, even as a multi-day pass

Custom Wristbands for Maximum Security

Stay ahead of the counterfeiters - and maximize your door revenues - by customizing your security and ID wristbands.

  Rotate wristband colours or designs for multi-day events, preventing transfer and reuse
  Easily identify staff, volunteers, team members and guests (adults and children)
  Provide at-a-glance access to special access areas, such as VIP Lounges or Beer Tents
  Perfect for Drinking Age Verification
  Highly visible in case of an emergency
  Lossless, wearable ticket for general admission or re-entry

MedTech wristbands come in a wide variety of stock styles and colours, or design your own Security and ID Wristbands.

Choose a Security Profile to suit your event

Make things tough on scammers, comfortable for your guests, and convenient for your staff by choosing the right security features.

  Single-use closures for transfer prevention
  Unique wristband serial number for each guest
  Holographic finishes for counterfeit prevention
  Bar-code wristbands for easy scanning
  Wristbands with redeemable ticket stubs for draws, food, etc.
  Data collection capabilities to monitor guest movement and purchases
  UV (black light) printing makes ticket checks foolproof
Choose any or all of these features and more when creating your custom MedTech Security Wristbands.

Strengthen your brand and boost profits

MedTech Security Wristbands provide highly targeted marketing space for you and your sponsors and can generate revenues through sponsored promotions and by driving traffic to concession stands or gift shops.
Patrons often keep well-designed wristbands as a souvenir, giving prolonged exposure to your marketing messages and encouraging repeat business. Guests will also show their wristbands to family and friends!

Create a powerful promotional tool with these features:

  Full-color graphics, text & logos [at 300 dpi]
  QR codes (monotone or multi-colored)
  PIN numbers or barcodes
  Prizes & discount codes
  Advertising space for sponsors or promotions

We’d be happy to help you determine and design the best Security and ID Wristbands for your next event.

Top Security Wristband Choices for Events and Parties

Plastic Straight Wave Wristband Customized with a full color graphics and unique QR code to use for security identification and admission at events
Custom Full Color Plastic Straight Wave Wristband
  Custom Full Color Vinyl Wide Face wristband with serial number to use for crowd control and secure event admission
Custom Full Color Plastic Wide Face Wristband
  Customized Tyvek 3/4 inch wide ID Wristband personalized with event details and anti-counterfeit secuity features
Custom Full Color Tyvek
3/4 inch Solid
  Custom printed Plastic Security ID Wristbands with detachable ticket and matching serial number
Custom Plastic Detachable Stub Wristband

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