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Special Event Wristbands

Special Event Wristbands provide an economic and effective method to control access at a wide variety of events from theme parks and water parks to sporting events, music concerts and product expos.

Special Event Wristbands can serve as a tamper-proof ticket, control access to certain areas, and be an effective promotional tool for your brand, business, organization, charity, or sponsors.

Popular MedTech wristbands for special events include:

Vinyl Wristbands 
Durable, secure and waterproof. Recommended for multi-day access. Prevents transfer with a single-use snap and lock closure.
Plastic Wristbands 
Damage-resistant, secure and waterproof. Recommended for 2-3 day use. One-time snap and lock closure prevents transfer.
Waterproof Tyvek (paper) wristbands 
100% recyclable, economical and secure. Ideal for 1-day use. Features an aggressive peel-&-stick closure to prevent transfer or reuse. Available in tabless, “litter-free” models.

MedTech Special Event Wristbands may be used for:

  At-a-glance special access permissions
  Instant drinking age verification
  Identifying group members, other guests, staff, and volunteers

Detabchable stub/ticket wristbands are also ideal for food redemption, equipment / locker rentals, or special contests and promotions.

Increase event security with these custom features:

  Variable data collection capabilities
  UV security printing
  Holographic counterfeit prevention
  Alphanumeric numbering (patterned or sequential)
  Single-use snaps and other transfer-prevention features

Event Promoters for Special Events Prefer these Wristbands

Customized Plastic Straight Wave Wristband with a full color advertisement for a special annual event
Custom Full Color Plastic Straight Wave Wristband
  Full color Plastic Wide Face Wristband with large advertising space for event promoters to promote special events
Custom Full Color Plastic Wide Face Wristband
  Full Color Custom Tyvek 3/4 inch wide Wristbands with event logo and sponsor advertisement
Custom Full Color Tyvek 3/4 inch Solid
  Custom Plastic Wristband with detachable ticket for ticketing and redemptions programs at special events
Custom Plastic Detachable Stub Wristband

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