03 . September .2019

9 Tips To Organize A School Event

Back in my school years, I ...

Back in my school years, I was as an initiator who strived to be active during school and get the most from it. A school is a beautiful place where you can learn and find the right place for your own talents and abilities. Now, after all these years I would like to share my greatest tips and essentials for creating a stunning school event your mates will never forget.

Let’s get to these 9 awesome tips on where to begin creating an event!

1). Idea and Concept 

Your first step is the idea. Your task is to come up with an idea that will be simple and captivating enough to create unforgettable memories for your attendees.

2). Creating an Event Plan

Step 2 is to organize all the labor you’ll need to get done to accomplish your event goals.  Design a full and detailed plan of all the steps and processes you need to complete and manage your event within the specific timeline. Flow charts work great for this kind of preparation.

3). Building an Event Team

Creating an event is always a hard task for one person, not to mention that this is a huge responsibility that lays on the planner's shoulders. That’s why you need a team of like-minded people that will help support and share responsibilities that will convey their ideas into the event.

4). Finding the Right Venue 

Choose carefully where you want to place your event. The grass field might be good for football and soccer, but it's a huge mistake to use it for a conference or workshop. For example, the concert will go well in the concert hall or gym, and workshops can be held in classrooms where attendees will have seats, desks, and enough space to collaborate.

5). Find a Partner or Sponsors

Coordinate with the school administration for more opportunities with financial support, labor, and materials. Also, reach out to any local businesses nearby for support with ideas for extra activities, advertising, or equipment. Offer your sponsor a deal they wouldn't refuse like offering to hand out coupons or flyers from the business to all the attendees, or adding their business info or incentive on your customized admission wristbands.

6). Choose A Speaker or an MC (Master of Ceremonies)

Your event won’t be complete without a charismatic and witty speaker hosting your event. It doesn’t matter what kind of event you are planning, whether it’s a concert, sale, fundraiser, or exhibition, you want someone to cheer up your attendees and create and fun experience.

7). Advertising and Marketing

This may be easier than you might think. The first step to promote your event is to create an event page on Facebook and start inviting your friends and classmates who will share the news on their social accounts in hopes of spreading the information through parents and families and even possibly local community threads or news sources. Use social media as a tool to highlight the event theme, performers, introduce your team, sponsors and partners. If your budget allows for it, you could even boost your post with Facebook ads and target people with the same interests as your event who live within a certain radius to reach more people who would more likely to attend.

8). Event Access

Controlling access to your event is very important, especially if people are paying an admission to attend. Think of it as a way to protect your event and earnings from people who might try to get in for free or transfer their tickets to someone else to enter. Our 1” Galaxy wristbands are a perfect fit for such events as they can be fully customized, they are affordable, plus features a one-time-use adhesive closure that should not be removed by the guest until after the event or their admission becomes “invalid”. Another great feature to our Galaxy wristbands is backside printing which is the perfect space to showcase your events partners, sponsors, or possibly any disclaimers.  Also, you can run a giveaway or lottery and the best way to create an unforgettable experience is to use our Soft Comfort Stub Wristbands that will boost an attendee's desire to come to your event.

9). Last-Minute Check List

Event day is the most stressful day you will face during the entire execution leading up to the event. It's important to arrive at your venue early for a control check, give last instructions to your team members and anyone else servicing the event, go through the plan, and make sure everyone knows what they are doing throughout the duration. Also, check the equipment and its condition to make sure everything is in working order as well as sound checks to make sure your audio system and volume are performing the way you want.

Creating an event that stands out mostly involves a lot of planning beforehand, these tips should help you cover most of the basics! We are expecting to see all of your stunning events this year and hope that you will master the best planning practices by using and sharing our tips.

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