06 . June .2019

TOP Summer to-do List!

Summer is the time of the y...

Summer is the time of the year that we are all waiting for! Everyone wants this summer to be the best summer of their lives, but most of the time we are disappointed with the turnout. We make thousands of excuses such as work, money, or we’re just too lazy to do anything. However, we’re all waiting for the time when we can fulfill these desires in hopes that one of our summers will be the best. Now, let me ask you one of the most important questions before we continue to create our best-summer activities list:

“Do you have any plans for this summer?”

If you are the one who answers no then, this list is your key for this summer!

Here at MedTech, we created a list with the most exciting and interesting plans that will make your summer significant.

Perfect to-do list for your summer

  1. Go out and have fun!

I know sometimes it's hard to force yourself to go out, but it's a good way to get yourself out of a funk and enjoy something interesting. Bring a favorite book with you, find a peaceful spot in a park and enjoy adventures in the world of words. Have another friend who’s bored? Motivate your friends to come out with you and just explore! It's always better when you have someone who will wait for you or someone that will push you to go out even for a bit.

  1. Exercise in the sun

This is another way to be outside in the summer. If the weather’s nice, wear your fav sport suit and go for a run or yoga and stretching in the park. Even your regular workout in the gym can be outside, just use streets, parks, bench or anything else that can be useful for your workout.

  1. Set up a picnic

Take your friends out for a picnic date! Find a beautiful spot in the park or near water (like beside a peaceful river, or even at the beach), grab some food and games or music and enjoy time spent with your friends.

  1. Get a perfect tan on the beach

Summer is the time when we can finally lay on the sun and enjoy a sunbath. Chill on the beach for the whole day, spend time in the cool water and dig your toes into the sand. What can be better than that? Maybe our next one?

  1. Go on a trip

Explore your city, find new unordinary places in it or drive to a new one. Go on a hiking trip and explore the forest near your city or, go for a car ride to a new beach that you heard about.

  1. Spend time at an amusement park

Summer can’t be fulfilled without even a small drop of adrenaline in your blood. You will never forget the time and emotions you spend there.

  1. Attend an outdoor concert or a performance from your fav singer

Enjoying summer with your fav music is certainly one of the best. Take your friends with you and enjoy your fav music and make some new memories together.

  1. Find a new hobby

Find something new for this summer. Go and paint in the park, check out the new dance club, or sign up to try a cooking class. There are a lot more things that you can try and explore. Why not start something new this summer?

  1. Camping

This is a great time to take your friends or family, tents, equipment, and snacks for camping. Explore nature, enjoy the beauty, and be in harmony with the earth. Roast some marshmallows by the campfire and listen to each other's stories. Relaxation and more is what you will get from this kind of trip.

  1. Set up a movie night with your friends and family

Spend the whole night with your favorite movies. Invite your friends to come over and enjoy the time spent watching a good film with your favorite people around. Don’t forget about all the junk food to consume as well!

That is it for our suggested list of things you could do this summer. However, this is just a starting point to give you a push towards your own fantasy and creativity to come up with something extraordinary and special to do this summer. Enjoy the beautiful weather and let this summer be the best summer yet!

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