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VIP ID Pass and Lanyards for Improved Identification, Access and Security in Schools

Importance of VIP ID Passes and Lanyards in Academic Establishments and Groups.

Now that normalcy is getting restored and schools are reopening, it is important to ensure a holistic control of activities and access to school facilities. And branded VIP ID Passes and Lanyards are the best way around it. There have been massive moves towards achieving safety and security. Universities and colleges as well as student gatherings such as fraternity and sorority groups are beginning to pick up their ID cards and lanyards for easy identification.

Most institutions have recognized the need to achieve a holistic control of activities and access to school facilities through the implementation of School ID cards/ ID badges.

The use of school ID cards is a cost-effective solution that will ensure the security of students, staff, and school facilities without any difficulty to implement. They can also be regarded as VIP ID Passes since they perform the same functions to differentiate people, ensure security, and brand the institution using it. ID Cards help to identify differences and control access for authorized students, staff, or visitors.

With well-branded VIP ID Passes and lanyards students and staff can easily access school facilities such as libraries, cafeterias, auditoriums, and other schools property while unauthorized people won't be allowed.

As reported by CBC News on November 6, 2021, Western University said everyone must wear ID badges on campus. This will allow the easy visual identification and differentiation of individuals and the role of the individuals on the school premises.  The University emphasizes the importance of lanyards while using badges. The ID badges and Lanyard will be most helpful during emergencies to identify students from visitors and perpetrators.

However, the School ID card, ID Pass together with the lanyards, has become the necessary means of identification across campuses, schools, and gatherings. These passes and lanyards come with immeasurable perks.

Benefits  of  VIP ID Badges and Lanyards in Schools

Real-Time Identification

One of the advantages of VIP ID Pass is the way it helps in identifying members of the school community at a glance. Branded lanyards make it better by ensuring ID cards are conspicuously displayed. The quick differentiation between authorized and unauthorized people in school premises and gatherings is chiefly achieved through wearing ID cards with lanyards.

To further enhance real-time identification, lanyards can be fashioned in different colours using colours attributed to different faculties and administrative hierarchies within the school. This works perfectly for universities since there is no uniform policy.

Although the use of electronic identification machines to identify authorized individuals by swiping the cards and passes through the apparatus is a good one, it doesn't relegate the legacy of the most effortless visual identification offered by branded lanyards.

Improved Security System

With branded lanyards, the job becomes easier for security operatives. For instance, visitors can be handed ID passes with lanyards bearing the tag "VISITORS" (or with a more defined adjective) boldly written with the school's logo printed on the lanyards.

At students fraternity grounds, implementing the use of school ID cards with branded lanyards also comes with a great perk. Security officials can identify individuals who are not permitted at first sight.

However, the usage at extracurricular gatherings such as sorority and fraternity has applied chiefly to visitors or first-time attendees. They are given badges to distinguish them from the veterans in the club.

Access Control

Not all sections and facilities are accessible to all students. There are facilities that grant access to specific persons. Access to such facilities can be controlled through the student ID card without hassle.


Beyond identification, branded lanyards holding ID cards add class to a school. It is a great marketing tool, an overt way of running ads without having to pay for space.
To ensure orderliness at events, institutions, and gatherings, it's essential to identify people of different status from others. For this to be implemented, passes and IDs must be distributed to the authorized individuals.