We manufacture a wide assortment of wrist identification and access control solutions designed for the leisure and entertainment markets. MedTech products can be found in more than 125 countries worldwide and are available in a variety of materials, customizable patterns, and highly visible colors that support emerging technologies like RFID, GPS, QR codes, and full-color variable data.

Designed for virtually any situation & environment, MedTech Wristbands can be used for single & multi-day purposes including glow under black light solutions for night time-related events, wet or dry environments, and the rugged outdoors.

our mission

Our goal is to provide our partners with the guidance and support needed to be successful in building strong relationships with their customers while utilizing our many world-class wristband solutions, 25+ years of industry knowledge, technology, smart data, and marketing know-how to increase revenue. By becoming a partner of MedTech Wristbands you’re one step closer to providing your customers with a full wristband solution that can maximize the experience and helps everyone to achieve a better return on their investment.

we offer an extensive product line which consists of


  • Galaxy FULL-COLOR DIGITAL with Multi-Message printing- Each band can be different!
  • Traditional wristbands (Tyvek in a variety of colors, patterns, and styles)
  • Snapped wristbands (Soft Comfort/Plastic, Vinyl in a variety of colors and styles)
  • Digital full-color custom wristbands
  • Custom Event Management Software
  • RFID (Available in a variety of styles)
  • Cashless Wristbands
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