Tyvek® 3/4" Solid Color Combo Pack Wristbands

  • $11.50
  • Combo #1 (Red,Yellow,Blue,Green, Silver)
  • Combo #2 (Neon Lime, Neon Orange, Neon Pink,Neon Sunfire,Yellow Glow)
  • Combo #3 (Black, Purple, Aqua, White, Light Blue)
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Variety is the spice of life and you can have it all with these versatile 3/4" Tyvek® combo packs. Available in 3 different options, each combo pack features 100 wristbands of each of the 5 different colors. Making them the perfect solutions for event planners who need a small quantity of varying colors or those who want to test out different colors to find the ideal shade. This is a great value for a wide range of events and parties.

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